• Such pretreatment should be considered in adult patients before a planned extubation that follows a tracheal intubation of more than 36 h.
  • 20 mg methylprednisolone 12 h before extubation and every 4 h until tube removal
  • Substantially reduced the incidence of postextubation laryngeal oedema and reintubation.

The Lancet 2007; 369:1083-1089, Bruno François MD ,Eric Bellissant MD ,Valérie Gissot MD ,Arnaud Desachy MD ,Sandrine Normand MD , Thierry Boulain MD ,Olivier Brenet MD , Pierre-Marie Preux MDand Prof Philipp e Vignon 12-h pretreatment with methylprednisolone versus placebo for prevention of postextubation laryngeal oedema: a randomised double-blind trial