The acronym 5H-5T directs the search for the problem.
Problem Assess Possible Interventions
TEP No pulse w/ CPR, JVD (Ecografia) Thrombolytics, surgery
Tension neumotorax No pulse w/ CPR, JVD, tracheal deviation Needle thoracostomy
cTnI+ (SCA) History, EKG Acute Coronary Syndrome algorithm
Toxicos Drug Overdose Medications, illicit drug use Treat accordingly
Tamponade cardiac No pulse w/ CPR, JVD, narrow pulse pressure prior to arrest Pericardiocentesis
Diabetic/renal patient, ABGs Sodium bicarbonate,
Renal patient, EKG, serum K level Manejo
Hypothermia Core temperature Hypothermia Algorithm
Hypovolemia Collapsed vasculature Fluids (fisiologico)
Hypoxia Airway, cyanosis, ABGs Oxygen, ventilation