APACHE II Scoring System with Estimated Mortality (Acute Physiology and Chronic Health disease Classification System II)

Temperature (Degrees C)
Mean Arterial Pressure (mmHg)
Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
A-aPO2(FiO2>50%) or PaO2(FiO2<50%)
Arterial pH or HCO3
Serum Na+ (meq/l)
Serum K+ (meq/l)
Serum Creatinine with or without Acute Renal Failure
WBC Count(10^3/Łgl)
Glasgow Coma Score
      Input actual score and computer subtracts from 15 for point value
Age (years)
Chronic Health Problems
      If any of these are present: 1) Biopsy-proved liver cirrhosis 2) New York Heart Association Class IV 3) Severe COPD (eg. Hypercapnia, home O2, pulmonary Hypertension) 4) Chronic dialysis or 5) Immunocompromised
      None ( 0 points )
      Non-Surgical ( 5 points )
      Emergent operation ( 5 points )
      Elective operation ( 2 points )

Total Criteria Point Count:

Result Ranger for Apache II score

0-4 points : Approximate death rate 4% non-op, 1% post-op
5-9 points : 8% non-op, 3% post-op
10-14 points : 15% non-op, 7% post-op
15-19 points : 24% non-op, 12% post-op
20-24 points : 40% non-op, 30% post-op
25-29 points : 55% non-op, 35% post-op
30-34 points : Approximately 73% both
35-100 points : 85% non-op, 88% post-op

See also the Logistic Regression Calculator page with disease specification


Knaus WA, et al., APACHE II: a severity of disease classification system, Crit Care Med, 1985 Oct;13(10):818-29., PubMed ID number 3928249

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