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Sepsis related Organ Failure Assessment
Respiratorio calculado mediante la SpO2/FiO2.
Resultados SOFA

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A SOFA-score ≥2 reflects an overall mortality risk of approximately 10% in a general hospital population with suspected infection.
Trends in SOFA scores during the first 48 hours were also analyzed. Regardless of the initial score, the mortality rate was 50% or higher when the score increased, 27% to 35% when it did not change, and less than 27% when it decreased . Differences in mortality were predicted better during the first 48 hours than in the subsequent 48 hours. There was no significant difference in LOS among these groups. When we analyzed this trend, taking into account the initial SOFA score for values of 11 or lower, a decreasing value was associated with a mortality rate of 6% or less. However, when the mean SOFA score increased or remained unchanged, the mortality rate averaged 37% when the initial SOFA scores ranged from 2 to 7, 60% when the initial SOFA scores ranged from 8 to 11, and 91% when the initial SOFA score was higher than 11.
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