Criterios Paris-II

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Evaluación de la respuesta a la terapia con UDCA en CBP

ALP: Fosfatasa alcalina; ULN: linite superior del normal; AST: aspartato aminotransferasa; UDCA: acido ursodeoxicólico ; CBP: cirrosis biliar primaria,

Paris II criteria

The criteria for adequate biochemical response to ursodeoxycholic acid in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis are: AST y ALP ≤ 1.5 ULN with normal bilirubin after 1 year of UDCA.
Adequate response to UDCA: are at low risk of disease progression and so should be maintained on UDCA, and assessed for their response to UDCA every 6–12 months
Inadequate response to UDCA: are at increased risk of disease progression and should be considered for second-line therapy after assessing the benefit to the patient on a case-by-case basis.

"Most of the biochemical response criteria have been validated as predicting long-term disease progression at 12 months from UDCA initiation. However, it has also been demonstrated that evaluation at 6 months may be equally discriminatory. Patients deemed to be at intermediate-to-high risk of disease progression at the start of treatment should be evaluated at 6 months"

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